Under Deck: Captain Lee and Camille Return in Explosive Midseason Trailer

Under Deck: Captain Lee and Camille Return in Explosive Midseason Trailer

The drama on Below Deck is not slowing down.

At the end of Monday’s shocking new episode of the Bravo reality series, viewers were treated to a trailer showcasing the coming events.

Let’s just say things on the St. David are not going to be plain sailing.

Instead, we should expect plenty of turbulent times ahead.

Captain Lee, who departed the series earlier this season, makes a triumphant return.

“I feel like I’m back where I belong,” he says.

“It’s like riding a bike — but it’s a big bike.”

“How did the kids behave?” he asks Captain Sandy Yawn while greeting her with a big hug.

While Sandy tells him his staff has been good, the rest of the trailer hints at plenty of unrest.

Monday’s episode kicked off with the firing of Camille Lamb, something that should have happened a few episodes before.

The editing made it seem like Camille was set up for failure because of the Deck-Stew position.

Camille returns later in the season during a night out that will signal some crazy drama.

On her way off the boat, Camille burned bridges with many of her colleagues, so she will likely have some choice words for them when they meet back up.

Ben sulked his way through Monday’s new episode after his boatmance was given the pink slip, but it looks like he’ll help stir up some drama by inviting her to a dinner with her former colleagues.

Alissa is less than thrilled about her former enemy’s return, and honestly, who wouldn’t be?

Typically when someone is fired, they’re gone for the rest of the series, so this has got to be a franchise first.

Alas, check out the full trailer below.

Hit the comments with your thoughts on it.

It looks insane!

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