The NMIXX Member Who Was Thought of An “Ace” Throughout Her Trainee Days At JYP Leisure

Whether you like NMIXX‘s unique and unusual songs or not, it’s impossible to say that the members of the group aren’t incredibly multi-talented.


Besides the leader and maknae positions, there aren’t any real “official” positions in the group, likely due at least in part to each member’s multitude of skills.

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One member in particular, though, was considered an “ace” among the members even as a trainee due to her many talents and eye-catching visuals: Haewon.

Haewon (NMIXX) | SBS

Even though there aren’t official positions in NMIXX, Haewon is listed as the leader, and is also named one of the unofficial main vocalists alongside Lily due to her phenomenal singing abilities.

Lily (NMIXX) | SBS

According to a post on an online forum, she was such an all-rounder as a trainee with skills in singing, dancing, visuals, and having the “star factor” that she was expected to become the center of whatever group she debuted with.


With visuals, she was compared to people who participate on dating shows Heart Signal and Transit Love, and was also said to have the “announcer-type” visuals, with particular praise for her pretty facial features.

As for vocals, she was praised for her unique voice and voice colors, which seems to still be what many consider her strongest skills.

While there were claims that people said she didn’t “look like a dancer” because of her face, she certainly keeps up easily with her fellow members when it comes to performing complex choreographies!

Along with these skills, she was also praised for her leadership abilities, MC skills, and performs well on variety shows for viewers’ entertainment.

Because of all these traits, claims the online post, people were certain that she would end up debuting as an idol, possibly as the “ace” of the group.

There are several comments on the post agreeing with the writer’s sentiments about Haewon’s skills.


There are also some comments about the other members being highly skilled too, with some criticizing the songs they’ve been given that “waste their potential”.


Hopefully Haewon will have plenty more opportunities to showcase her wide range of talents soon!


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