The Most Uncommon Sighting of Actor Son Suk Ku Has The Web Bamboozled

Actor Son Suk Ku has become well-loved by fans for his acting talent, having shown off his incredible versatility in various roles in dramas like My Liberation Notes and films like The Roundup.

Son Suk Ku in My Liberation Notes | Netflix

Son Suk Ku in The Roundup

But although Son Suk Ku has garnered immense recognition and a supportive fanbase, fans were surprised to encounter the talented actor in the most unlikely of places.

| @sonsukku/Instagram

In some fan-taken pictures, the actor can be seen sitting in front of a building, looking almost forlorn or like he’s waiting for something.

| theqoo

| theqoo

Although the famous actor wasn’t necessarily instantly recognizable, given his mask and hat, a fan confirmed that it was Son Suk Ku by approaching him and asking for a selfie.

| theqoo

The actor kindly obliged, showing his true personality as he posed for the camera.

| theqoo

| theqoo

And while netizens admired how Son Suk Ku acted despite being a celebrity, they were certainly confused about what he was doing. Especially since the pictures looked like something taken straight out of an emotional K-Drama.

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