The Justin Roiland Saga Is Hilariously Summed up within the Most ‘Rick and Morty’ Means Attainable

The Justin Roiland Saga Is Hilariously Summed up within the Most ‘Rick and Morty’ Means Attainable
Justin Roilan

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Anyone not aware of the Justin Roiland saga that has turned his life upside down and almost destroyed the fan-favorite television show Rick and Morty has been living under a rock. It’s a good thing that there is now a video from the show itself that explains everything, and it’s dead on.

To recap, Roiland has been under fire recently for facing domestic violence charges, and to top it off, there is evidence of disturbing DMs that he has sent to females, some of them underage. He has faced several consequences and has more to come, but one of the consequences has been that he was released from the show and it will go on without him. That should catch everyone up if they’re interested.

However, to get the short version that is both hilarious and informative, there is a video that’s going viral from the show itself.

The saga explained

There are fans who have not been in the loop and now they know.

The case is more than just a domestic violence charge where there are also allegations of false imprisonment, which is reminiscent of other news that has hit the headlines in the somewhat recent past.

Fans who have been following the headlines since day one recognize how accurate this video is in all this and it has ruined the scene forever for some of them.

In a conversation about him being canceled forever, fans have different viewpoints and one of the most insightful is the ability of a celebrity to survive the embarrassment and get back to work in the industry despite their shady past.

Is there a pattern of forgiveness in the entertainment industry that dates back to when Roman Polanksi and Woody Allen were given passes for their sexually inappropriate behavior?

Sometimes, being accurate can sting a little in the fandom that is Rick and Morty, but this fan adds “no offense” so that makes it all right.

How has it affected the show? Most fans actually think it is better the less he touches it and there’s a lot of the show he didn’t touch since he only wrote six episodes and directed one despite the fact that he’s the show’s co-creator.

If you are experiencing domestic abuse, or if you believe someone you know is being abused, contact The National Domestic Violence Hotline. The hotline can be reached at 1-800-799-SAFE or spoken with online via the hotline’s website. Mobile phone owners can also text “START” to the number 88788.

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