‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ to stream on Netflix on Feb. 18

Image Source: Netflix

Remakes of slasher-themed horror characters are commonplace in modern Hollywood as well, with Michael Myers of the Halloween series enjoying a continuous trilogy and Leatherface getting new grime on the Netflix’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It will be released nearly 48 years after the debut of the original film and the latest release on the streaming service hopes to modernize the plot to a new audience while staying true to the brutality and grit of the classic 1974 film.

In its efforts to remain true to its commitment to honor its original movie, the online company has announced that it will bring the return of John Larroquette, the narrator in the intro to the film from 1974 and will be able to do the same role for the upcoming film. The announcement contained a statement that claimed to be real, and in which they described what they described as “mad and macabre” events to be in the future, the mock news briefing was designed to scare the viewers to believe that the terror of the film would actually be an actual case of real crime.

Image Source: Netflix

In an interview the director David Blue Garcia of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre explained about how important it was to pay homage to the film’s original director in a statement to the publication “It felt important to honour the original TCM at every opportunity”.

The director further added, “John’s voice is iconic in the opening of the film and we believed it would be a great way to set the tone for our intro. Also, it’s a subdued method to inform the audience that they’re in safe in good hands”.

We are thrilled to present his new ideas for the series , described as a direct sequel to the first film created by Tobe Hooper. Garcia stated, “I can’t wait for viewers to look over and discover every callback and some of them aren’t necessarily planned. I’m pretty sure that something has happened, and it’s a bit bizarre”.

Have a look at the trailer of the horrific Texas Chainsaw Massacre starring Alice Krige, Nell Hudson, Elsie Fisher and more which will be streaming on the digital platform Netflix on February 18, 2022.

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