‘Sister Wives’ star Gwendlyn Brown reveals title change after marriage

‘Sister Wives’ star Gwendlyn Brown reveals name change after marriage

Gwendlyn Brown is ready to ditch her last name once she ties the knot with her fiancée, Beatriz Queiroz.

The “Sister Wives” star, who is one of Christine and ex Kody Brown’s six children, revealed her plans in a special YouTube video shared Wednesday.

“It’s addressed to Gwendlyn Brown, but since I’m getting married soon, I had the name tag, it says ‘For Gwendlyn Queiroz,’” she said of her Creator Award, which she received after racking up over 100,000 subscribers on the platform.

She also teased some plans for the big day, set to take place later this year.

“That’s what I’m going to be in, like, five months, less than five months. It’s coming up,” she said of her future name.

Unboxing My Creator Award!

The TLC star added that her future wife, who appears in the background of the video, was “looking forward” to her award “the most.”

“She was like, ‘I want that plaque so bad,’” Gwendlyn added.

The pair got engaged in November 2022 after Queiroz popped the all-important question following eight months of dating.

The pair got engaged in November 2022 after eight months of dating.

They celebrated with an engagement party with loved ones, but Gwendlyn recently revealed that neither Robyn Brown nor her children attended the event — despite being invited.

“I invited them to my engagement party, but I don’t know if she felt it wouldn’t be a safe space for them or they just decided they didn’t want to go,” she said of her dad’s wife.

“It seems they decided they don’t want to see me,” she went on, adding that “it hurts my feelings obviously, but if I’m not a safe person for them, then I’m not a safe person for them. I do miss them completely, so much.”

Gwendlyn is one of Christine and ex Kody Brown’s six children.
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“Sister Wives” first premiered in 2010 on TLC, a reality show that chronicled polygamist Kody Brown, 54, and his four wives–Christine, Janelle, Meri, and Robyn.

However, in recent months, all of the wives but Robyn have split from Brown.

Altogether, the Flagstaff, Arizona-based family has 18 children, who each share Kody as their father.

Meri was Brown’s first wife, whom he legally married in 1990. He “spiritually married” both Christine and Janelle afterward, and divorced Meri in order to legally marry Robyn and adopt her kids in 2014.

However, despite the divorce, Meri and Kody stayed together during the years following but announced their split a few weeks ago.

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