Rumored ‘Creature Commandos’ Star Principally Confirms Their Involvement

Rumored ‘Creature Commandos’ Star Principally Confirms Their Involvement

Image via DC Studios / DC Comics

In James Gunn we trust, unless your dedication to Zack Snyder has reached zealot status, but one has to admit that the Guardians of the Galaxy director has made an infinitely curious choice with which to launch the new DC Universe franchise with Peter Safran.

Indeed, Superman: Legacy may be the big marquee crowd-puller that we all have our eyes on, but the DCU’s inaugural property is actually going to be Creature Commandos, a seven-episode animated miniseries that will serve as an appetizer of sorts before we plunge into the films.

Based on the DC Comics team of the same name, Creature Commandos will follow a ragtag team of operatives, including Rick Flag Sr. and Frankenstein, as they get involved with explosive operations that only soldiers based on classic monsters could.

Gunn confirmed that casting is almost complete, and one of these potential cast members is Frank Grillo, who teased back in February that he may just be the talent behind Rick Flag Sr. He’s now taken to Twitter to poke that hornet’s nest of a rumor mill yet again, this time dragging fellow rumored co-star Ron Perlman, the current favorite to play the role of Frankenstein, into the mix.

Both Grillo and Perlman were spotted at the premiere for Shazam! Fury of the Gods, and Grillo was happy to cheekily speculate on whether he and Perlman really were involved in the animated series. Given how tongue-and-cheek the former MCU actor has been on the subject multiple times now, it’s probably safe to say that Rick Flag Sr. will be played by none other than the action star.

It’s hard to say when we’ll get official confirmation, even if we don’t really need it at this point. Nevertheless, when it happens, that means we get one step closer to a Creature Commandos release date reveal, so we’ll look forward to it all the same.

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