Robyn Brown: For the Final Time, I’m NOT Kody’s Favourite Spouse!

If you’ve seen literally any episode of Sister Wives, then you know that the Brown family has a lot of tension.

There are many, many reasons for this.

One is that Kody, the patriarch of the family, is just sort of a jerk, like just in general.

And honestly, the rest of the issues just sort of stem off of that.

His decision to uproot the family and move them off to Arizona caused a monumental amount of problems, and his harsh attitude towards his older children has also been tough for everyone.

The way he handled the pandemic was also just an absolute mess.

He obviously wants nothing to do with Meri but he refuses to leave her, he tried to force Janelle to kick her adult children out of her home, and, well, we all know how he treated Christine so poorly she left him.

And then there’s Robyn.

Boy, is there Robyn …

From the very first season, even before Robyn and Kody actually got married, there have been suspicions from the other wives that Kody favored her.

The family has very specific rules and traditions when courting a new wife, but Kody broke more than one of those for Robyn.

He kissed her (at least) before the wedding, which is apparently a big no-no, and he also helped her pick out her wedding dress when it was supposed to have been something for all the wives to do together.

As the years went on, we saw him spend more and more time with Robyn and less with the other wives, and that was extremely evident when the pandemic began.

From what we saw on the show, he essentially lived with her full-time, enough that she actually complained that she’d like him to go visit the other women more.

His reasoning was that she was the only one following his strict COVID rules, but Meri was also following them and she rarely even got a visit.

And we all remember the infamous nanny debacle — he criticized Janelle and Christine endlessly for visiting each other and allowing their kids to see other people, even while following social distancing guidelines.

But he and Robyn got a nanny for their children who came into the home daily … and she once brought COVID along with her.

In the latest episode, we heard Christine plainly say “I think he has a favorite wife and that’s why all of this is like it is.”

We also heard Robyn complain about this line of thinking.

“You know, this isn’t a new complaint, that Kody favors me,” she said.

“I’m not getting some preferential treatment, even though that’s what they think.”

“Kody’s been at my house a lot just by default because of the decisions the other wives are making,” she continued.

She said “I love Kody dearly, but this is not what I chose. His other relationships are stressing him out so much that it’s not like it’s really fun to have him around much anyway.”

“He’s an angry man right now. What’s going on with him and Christine … I’ve never seen him like this before.”

Robyn also took the time to share some advice on how to make polygamy successful, saying “You have to want everyone in the family to be happy, as much as you want yourself to be happy.”

“It’s the only way to do it successfully in my opinion.That’s why you can’t get lazy in it.”

Robyn has been very critical of Christine’s decision to leave Kody, and she’s also been very defensive over the notion that she’s Kody’s favorite wife.

But the thing is that if all of the other wives feel like Kody favors Robyn, and if several of the grown kids feel like Kody favors Robyn …

It feels like there could be a solid chance that Kody favors Robyn.

It makes sense that she wouldn’t want to admit it, because it doesn’t make her look good, and she gets endless criticism from Sister Wives fans for tearing the family apart and stealing Kody from everyone else.

Kody gets similar criticism, and if thousands of people watching the show all pick up on the same thing, there just might be something to it.

Do you think Robyn is Kody’s favorite?

Robyn Brown: For the Last Time, I am NOT Kody’s Favorite Wife! was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip .

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