Nonetheless Lets Michael J. Fox Be A Film Star Once more [SXSW 2023]

Still Lets Michael J. Fox Be A Movie Star Again [SXSW 2023]

If we’re not counting voice roles such as “Stuart Little” or the cult classic flop “Atlantis: The Lost Empire,” it’s been nearly 30 years since Fox had a starring role in a movie, dating back to 1996 with “The Frighteners.” That was also the same year that he was part of a hugely impressive ensemble cast in Tim Burton’s criminally underrated “Mars Attacks!” And yes, Fox has managed to keep an on-screen presence through his ongoing battle with Parkinson’s, having appeared in Netflix’s time travel romp “See You Yesterday” in 2019, for example, as well as in guest spots on shows like “The Good Fight.”

That having been said, we haven’t actually had a true Michael J. Fox starring vehicle in what feels like forever — mostly because it has been forever. We haven’t had anything like “For Love or Money” or “Casualties of War” in ages. We haven’t been treated to that extremely particular brand of charm at the center of a major motion picture in far too long. Granted, that is an understandably difficult ask of a man battling what Fox is battling, but “Still” is a reminder of how special this man is, not was.

Mostly, the documentary feels like a biopic about Michael J. Fox as told by Michael J. Fox. It uses a mix of archival footage, dramatic recreations, and Fox’s own voiceover to craft something that feels like a brand new movie from this beloved, bonafide star. It’s an expert execution of the documentary format as cinematic entertainment, as well as a straight-up gift to audiences who have been sorely missing this singular presence for far too long. Fox’s performance, largely captured through his voiceover, is vibrant, fun, earnest, and effective. For lack of a better way to put it? It’s Michael J. Fox.

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