Kirsten Stewart all set to marry her fiancée Dylan Meyer

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Spencer Star Kristen Stewart revealed that she isn’t a great planner, and she’s even unable to make plans for a dinner.

Kristen Stewart has recently teased that she could be married to her fiancée Dylan Meyer ‘this weekend’ in order to stay clear of planning a huge wedding. In an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert the Twilight actress declared, “I’m so unceremonial. I’m thinking we could have a go on the weekend or something, and then just have a drink with everyone following the event.”

Spencer star later revealed she’d rather throw a huge celebration.’ “I just want to do it,” she stated of organizing a large celebration. Kristen also said she’s not a planner, and isn’t able to come up with dinner plans. “I’m not a great planner. I can’t make plans for dinner. I love to pivot. It’s impossible to know which direction I’m headed I’m a man of the moment,” she however added.

Kristen Stewart got engaged to Dylan Meyer in November last year. The actress revealed the news that she was engaged while promoting her newest film Spencer in in which she played the late Diana Princess. Diana. Kristen spoke about their relationship, saying, “We met years ago and then reconnected in the days before the pandemic. We were engaged. I think it’s still the pandemic. So I would say this is a pandemic-related engagement. However, it wasn’t at its peak, and it wasn’t fully lockdown.”

Kristen later explained the reason why their wedding reception occurred prior to the moment when the Omicron wave struck the US. The Hollywood star Kristen Stewart is ‘thankful’ for the opportunity to celebrate their wedding day. She recently stated during her interview during an appearance on “Live with Kelly as well as Ryan, “We were sort of moving around the world more easily at the time. We did have an engagement celebration which was enjoyable and a blessing, but was not something we could have planned for now. I’m grateful for the fact that we did..”

Kristen confirmed her engagement in an interview with the Howard Stern Show in November. The actress said Dylan’s proposal was “super adorable’ and she’s eager to say vows. Kristen Stewart, who previously was with the actor of her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson The actress then added, “We’re marrying, we’re definitely going to get married. I wanted to propose me, so I had a clear idea of my ideals and she delivered it. It was very cute and she was very professional. We’re marrying, it’s happening.”

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