Keri Russell Drama The Diplomat Units Netflix Launch Date

Keri Russell Drama The Diplomat Units Netflix Launch Date

Netflix has a new show on deck for April with the incomparable Keri Russell.

The star of FX’s The Americans will headline The Diplomat, which is set to launch all eight episodes on Thursday, April 20.

“Kate Wyler (Keri Russell) is the new US Ambassador to the United Kingdom. She was supposed to go to Afghanistan,” Netflix shares of the logline.

“She’s great in a crisis zone. In a historic home… less so. War is brewing on one continent and boiling over on another.”

“Kate will have to diffuse international crises, forge strategic alliances in London, and adjust to her new place in the spotlight — all while trying to survive her marriage to fellow career diplomat and political star Hal Wyler (Rufus Sewell).”

From showrunner Debora Cahn (The West Wing, Homeland), The Diplomat is a high-stakes, contemporary political drama about the transcendence and torture of long-term relationships, between countries and people.

The impressive cast also includes David Gyasi, Ali Ahn, Rory Kinnear, and Ato Essandoh, with executive producers Debora Cahn, Janice Williams, and Keri Russell.

Creator & Executive Producer Debora Cahn, said of the new series in a statement with Tudum:

“The Diplomat is a show about the transcendence and torture of long-term relationships.”

“It’s hard to keep a relationship going, be it a marriage or a military alliance,” Cahn adds.

“We change, the world changes, and yet we want these relationships to go on forever.”

“It’s a show about a bunch of good people doing their best to keep their global and personal partnerships intact without killing each other.”

“In the world of diplomacy, you’re dealing with a lot of rule-bound, protocol-driven behavior, but underneath all that, these are people who sweat, and spill coffee on their clothes, and forget the name of the person they’re talking to.”

“All of that is always bubbling under the grandeur and majesty of working with heads of state.”

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