In The Latest Industrial For Her Betty Buzz Mixers, Pregnant Blake Full of life Performs The Function Of The Final Virgo

The 35-year-old former Gossip Girl star, who is expecting her fourth child with husband Ryan Reynolds, is featured in a new commercial highlighting how involved she is with Betty Buzz. In the above video, a shirtless actor repeatedly promotes the product while attributing Lively’s entrepreneurial spirit to the signs of the zodiac.
This time of year is known as the Virgo time of year. The video’s narrator calls this “the season of ambitious, hard-working, and often obsessive characters.” Blake Lively, a known Virgo, developed Betty Buzz.
He continues his description of the cocktail as he pours some from the bottle into an ice-filled tumbler.
Do you think they are the most potent elixirs ever created? Yes. Could it be that this hardworking earth sign spent three years finding the ideal bubble size and number to get the ultimate lightweight explosive pop? He even goes so far as to say “one hundred percent.” Did she provide detailed, lengthy comments on how much actual fruit juice should be used in each flavor? That Virgo is very typical of her.
So you may have guessed, he continues. She takes a serious interest in the Betty Buzz phenomenon.
The camera pulls back to reveal Lively diligently mouthing his script into a plush microphone. As the camera closes in again, she exclaims, “Too broad.” He’s deeply invested, he replies wryly.
And, as expected, Lively calls the final shot and gives the thumbs up to the squeaky-clean attempt. And there you have it, she says.
Lively debuted her baby bump on Thursday at the 10th annual Forbes Power Women’s Summit, where she mentioned Betty Buzz and balancing work and motherhood. James, 7, Inez, 5, and Betty, 2 are the girls already in the couple’s care.
According to Vanity Fair, Lively remarked, “I grew up watching a woman be everything: be a mom and still be the hardest working businesswoman I know.” Lively was referring to her mother, Elaine. For this reason, I think my children must learn that there is no need to pick between the two.

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