“Extraordinary Legal professional Woo” Actor Kang Tae Oh Has The Funniest Response When Requested To Present His Newly Shaved Head Earlier than Enlisting

One of the hottest K-Dramas of 2022 has to be Extraordinary Attorney Woo. Throughout the series, Park Eun Bin captured the hearts of netizens with her portrayal of autistic attorney Woo Young Woo. The show’s cast found themselves thrust into the spotlight for their amazing acting and chemistry.

The poster for “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” | Netflix

Alongside the character, her love interest Lee Jun Ho also stole the show and propelled actor Kang Tae Oh into the public eye after almost ten years in the industry.

Kang Tae Oh as Lee Jun Ho | The Swoon/YouTube

Along with his amazing acting, it isn’t surprising that Kang Tae Oh’s visuals and charm made the world fall in love with him. Whether it was on social media or in variety show appearances, the actor stole the hearts of netizens.

| @kto940620/Instagram

| @kto940620/Instagram

Unfortunately, fans quickly realized that they might have to wait for the next Kang Tae Oh hit after the actor announced he would be enlisting for his mandatory military enlistment. Of course, even when he revealed his shaven head, the visuals were out of this world!

| @kto940620/Instagram

| @kto940620/Instagram

On September 20, fans and media went to share their support and witness Kang Tae Oh entering the military base. Although it was a huge day for the actor, he seemed grateful to see everyone waiting for him.

From the minute he took his mask off, Kang Tae Oh made everyone swoon with his visuals.

The crowds weren’t afraid to show their love and support for the actor and it seemed to make Kang Tae Oh happy as he thanked everyone for coming and sharing their well wishes.

At one point, a member of the press asked Kang Tae Oh to take off his hat to show off his new haircut. At first, the actor seemed reluctant and very shy as he touched his hat, but the cheers from the crowd seemed to show that everyone wanted another look at the handsome style.

Of course, it was inevitable that Kang Tae Oh would listen to what the people wanted, but it didn’t stop him from being so shy as he took his hat off and ran his hands through his new and short hair. Considering how handsome Kang Tae Oh looks with his short hair, it isn’t surprising that everyone wanted a close-up look.

Even when everyone was asking for some aegyo, Kang Tae Oh happily gave the crowds what they wanted with some adorable face hearts.

Throughout the meeting, he reassured fans that he would be okay and even asked them to think he was away filming rather than in the military if it helped them. Even though it must’ve been nerve-wracking for the actor, he made sure to make the fans feel comfortable with what was happening.

Even as he was leaving, his handsome visuals were still on show to fans as he saluted the crowds before leaving… and even tried to take the microphone with him.

Although 18 months might seem like a long time, the fact that Kang Tae Oh made sure to reassure fans that he would be okay and give them ways to help the time go faster proves how sweet he is. Even with the shyest reaction to showing his new hair, Kang Tae Oh’s visuals were undeniable.

You can read more about his enlistment below.

Actor Kang Tae Oh Debuts Shaved Head, And Fans Wish Him Well As He Enlists


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