Caught on cam: Mallu actresses molested publicly

Caught on cam: Mallu actresses molested publicly

Mallu actresses Grace Antony and Saniya Iyappan,  who are working together for an upcoming film ‘Saturday Night’, were recently promoting their film at a mall in Kozhikode when they were manhandled after a huge crowd gathered to see them.  Both molested and s*xually harassed in public while promoting Saturday Night.

 A video of Saniya Iyappan hitting back a man from the crowd is also going viral on social media and grabbing the attention of many. Both the Grace Antony and Saniya Iyappan have shared details about their unpleasant experiences on Instagram calling it ‘an unwanted trauma’.

Grace Antony  has mentioned how she was grabbed by someone from the crowd. She wrote on her Instagram: I had a horrifying experience during the promotions of my latest film Saturday Night at Hilite Mall in Kozhikode. I like Kozhikode but while exiting the crowded venue, somebody groped me. I can not bring myself to say where he touched me and my female colleague also had a similar experience. She reacted to it but I was unable to do it because of the circumstances.

Saniya wrote, “So I and my movie team were promoting  the movie Saturday night  at a mall in Calicut. The event at the mall was extremely packed with  the people and the security was struggling to handle and maintain the crowd. After the event, some guy misbehaved with my colleague, and she didn’t even get a chance to see or react because of the rush and the crowd.”

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