Adah Sharma breaks silence on Telephone Quantity Leak

Adah Sharma breaks silence on Telephone Quantity Leak

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Adah Sharma breaks silence on Phone Number Leak

Adah Sharma has broken her silence on her phone number being leaked by an Instagram page.

Reportedly, the perpetrator encouraged people to send threats and spam The Kerala Story actress with calls.

She has now opened up about the invasion of her privacy, adding that she is in the process of changing her phone number.

Adah explained: “I feel just like any other girl would feel with her number being leaked out with morphed images.

“It shows the perverse mentality of the person who would stoop so low and get joy doing this.

“It reminds me of a scene in The Kerala Story where a girl is bullied by publicly publishing her number.”

Adah went on to say that she was targeted due to the controversial response The Kerala Story received.

“I stand with my film which is against terrorism and speaks about how our national security is under threat and here is an example of a terrorist bullying on a small scale when he doesn’t get his way.

“When in a crisis, you know who actually stands up for you and I have to say the people in India have really stood up.

“They were the ones to find the page of this person.

The Kerala Story is exposing a terror nexus, their step-by-step plan. So, of course, it will anger those involved.”

The actress also tweeted about the matter, later revealing that her fans managed to track the perpetrator down.

She added: “The person who leaked it has been up to some other activities too for a long time which the cops have found out.

“So, me having to change my number is a small price to pay to have this person behind bars.”

The Kerala Story has faced backlash for allegedly falsely claiming that 32,000 women were converted and radicalised by ISIS.

On the questions surrounding the film’s factual authenticity, Adah Sharma said:

“The factual evidence that they have about the number is going to be put out shortly. They did not want to do it before.

“Also because when you do it before then people will say ‘Oh now you are doing propaganda to promote this movie’.

“Now this movie has broken all records, and crossed everything, despite it having faced criticism. Despite people saying it’s propaganda.

“First people said it’s elections. Then 2 weeks got over, the third week did better, all of that happened so then people said there is propaganda. Then they saw real girls come there, so then they said ‘oh maybe it is fake numbers’.”

Elaborating on the fake numbers, Adah said:

“I found that really upsetting in the beginning. It really shook me because I was like human lives we are talking about.

“In the beginning, I used to get so hyper that human life is so cheap that we can just put it in numbers because it is not just one person that is our person in that statistic.

“As soon as it is your sister, your mother, your girlfriend, or your friend in that statistic then I don’t think people will talk about 3 or 32.

“That’s why we had that conference where we had those girls come and tell their stories.”

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