5 Key Moments From ‘Honeymoon Hiccups’ (RECAP)

5 Key Moments From ‘Honeymoon Hiccups’ (RECAP)

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight, Season 16, Episode 4, “Honeymoon Hiccups.”]

Married at First Sight Season 16 continues to deliver on the reality favorite’s signature drama as the newest batch of newlyweds prepares to hit the beach in “Honeymoon Hiccups.”

With the weddings now out of the way, the couples enjoy their first night together and get to know each other better through vital conversations. The installment is filled with ups and downs, and we’re breaking them all down, below, so beware of spoilers ahead.

Wedding Nights

Kirsten and Shaquille from 'Married at First Sight' Season 16

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While viewers got a peek at Chris and Nicole’s first night together in last week’s episode, the rest of the pairs prepared for their first evening spent as husbands and wives. As Shaquille and Kirsten settle in, he tells her how she took his breath away at the altar and how they’re both looking forward to making the match work. Things get a little awkward though when he asks her for a kiss and she shuts him down again. As they turn in Shaquille admits he’s not expecting anything from the evening in regard to sex.

As for Domynique and Mackinley, they discuss different sleeping habits as she inquires whether he snores or not. While Mackinley denies the possibility, he admits that he’s been known to talk in his sleep from time to time. Domynique in turn admits to her new husband that she is guilty of tossing and turning at times, forwarning him of the night ahead. Despite these little quirks, the duo are getting along great.

Jasmine and Airris feel a spark between each other and she’s a little nervous to be vulnerable, but there’s no pressure on the evening as a tired Airris is more interested in getting some much-needed shut-eye. Closing out the night are Gina and Clint who admit that their fears about the day were pointless as everything exceeded expectations positively. Like Jasmine and Airris, they seem to have an early attraction.

First Morning

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As the couples wake up for the day, they enjoy room service breakfast and discuss what their impending family and friend meetups will look like. While everyone wakes up happy, it’s also the moment of truth. Did any of the couples have sex? This season, the pairs are playing the long game as no one partook in a wedding night delight.

While Gina and Clint discuss their morning routines, they discover they’re both morning people but it runs a little deeper than that as Gina admits she hasn’t given up this much control in her life and she’s trying to embrace it. Kirsten and Shaquille discuss hygene like brushing your teeth and taking showers. While he’s adamant he can’t go to be without getting clean, Kirsten admits she brushes her teeth most of the time but not every night. Domynique and Mackinley discuss their passions, and she hopes that he’s willing to embrace the country life she enjoys leading so much. And Chris and Nicole talk about being late or on time. Apparently, she has a bit of a problem sticking to event start times, so she’s hopeful she’ll get help from her new hubby. Rounding out the excitement are Jasmine and Airris who discuss their impending family meet-ups.

Friends and Family Meetings

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The newly-matched participants sit down for another grilling session with the friends and family of their new spouses for these pivotal meet-ups. Kirsten is the first to sit down with Shaquille’s friend and uncle. She tells them how great she feels about the match based on her conversations with Shaquille the night before. Meanwhile, he gets grilled by her family, who is suspicious of his outlook after he repeatedly says things fell in his lap when it came to this process.

Domynique’s family questions if Mackinley’s ever dated outside of his race, as they try to prepare him for this new life with his bride. Meanwhile, Mackinley’s mom thinks the marriage is nuts and lets Dominique know. When she asks her new daughter-in-law about the prospect of Mackinley moving back home to Michigan, she’s understandably reluctant but not unresponsive.

When Gina meets Clint’s friends she notes how his personality attracts her, and when Clint’s grilled by Gina’s brother and sister-in-law, he promises to address any issues they face with good communication and will work to merge their differing worlds which includes a busy work life for her. Meanwhile, Chris faces scrutiny from Nicole’s dad who notes that “talk is cheap” and “actions speak louder than words,” suggesting that no matter what Chris says, it won’t be good enough until he proves himself.

Nicole in turn meets Chris’s family who tells her about his big heart and nurturing ways. This tips her off to know that Chris can be kind to a fault and it’s up to her to be a protector for him. Airris meets with Jasmine’s family who teases him about being an only child and warns that marriage won’t be easy, but they’re relatively accepting, more so than Airris’s cousin Fallina who is still really suspicious of Jasmine.


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Following the meet-ups Shaquille gets candid with Kirsten, telling her about how his family always thinks he’s doing good, but they never see him at home alone where he gets lonely and feels like he’s missing out. Kirsten can relate and she appreciates her husband’s transparency. Jasmine tells Airris about her most recent encounter with his cousin, admitting that it was rough, but she’s going to do her best to keep her head up high. As if she can predict what’s coming next, Jasmine heads out to get braids for the impending honeymoon which is unveiled in baskets outside the couples’ doors. The trip set for Jamaica excites most, but Shaquille deflates some of that excitement as he tells Kirsten they’ll have to delay their trip due to his school presentation. Needless to say, she’s highly disappointed.

Travel Day

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The next day, the couples save for Kirsten and Shaq depart for Jamaica. Ringing in their honeymoon kickoff with a toast at the resort entrance, the pairs scatter to survey their rooms. While they take in the amenities, views, and luxurious beds. Chris and Nicole take a moment to get serious while sharing sad stories about past relationships. The moment only serves to strengthen their bond as they relish the idea of commitment they’ve made to each other. Meanwhile, Jasmine feeds Airris grapes in the bathtub, and Kirsten is frustrated her honeymoon is on hold. Will she and Shaquille make it to Jamaica in enough time to enjoy the experience? Find out when Married at First Sight Season 16 continues next week on Lifetime.

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